BlackBird Real Estate believes in regions


Pardubice, Pilsen, Chrudim, Šumava. While many developers rely on the Prague market, BlackBird Real Estate bets on regions in its strategy. “This does not mean that we will avoid Prague in the future, but we currently consider the market there to be overheated,” says Jan Kotaška, CEO of BlackBird Real Estate.

Although BlackBird Real Estate has been on the market for a relatively short time as a new player, it already plans to start construction of the residential project U Červeňáku in the wider center of Pardubice next year. It is about the revitalization of a brownfield with an area of ​​25 hectares.

“Currently, we have completed the documentation for the building permit of the first stage, which contains 370 housing units in two apartment buildings. We are in the process of applying for a building permit and, in parallel, we are selecting a general construction contractor,” explains Jan Kotaška.

The project in a regional city with excellent transport accessibility and the possibility of occasional commuting to Prague fits exactly into the strategy of BlackBird Real Estate. There is a lot of interest in the apartments, during the first wave of pre-sales all offered apartments were sold. Similar success is expected for the upcoming project in Pilsen.

“It turns out that we made a good decision in 2019 to focus on the regions. Prague is not the only solution and investors are also moving to the regions. We have a two-year head start,” says the CEO of BlackBird Real Estate.

The upcoming project in Pilsen includes a portfolio of apartment buildings that BlackBird Real Estate acquired from the Pilsen Diocese. The houses stand in the wider center of Pilsen and are intended for reconstruction. Together with the QARTA Architektura studio, the developer is preparing their conversion to modern housing.

Another interesting project is being planned in Šumava, specifically in the settlement of Stará Hutě near Kvilda. A project of 31 residential units is being prepared here right next to the ski slope. “We have also completed the acquisition of a housing project in Chrudim and are currently preparing its first phase of one hundred apartments,” adds Jan Kotaška.

For now, BlackBird Real Estate is mainly focused on residential projects, but in the preparation phase it also has a smaller administrative building of 3000 m2, which the developer will implement tailored for a specific customer.